About Me


I am a product designer driven by a curiosity of humans, how to empower users and beautiful visuals. Getting down to the heart of people and purpose is the foundation of my design process. I've been working primarily in digital spaces in New York, collaboratively discovering, validating, crafting solutions for a range of platforms for big corporations.

I work collaboratively with Verizon Wireless experience team now, Verizon stakeholders and agency partners to effect positive change across Verizon’s consumer-facing product lines. As a Product Designer, I lead design initiatives that impact the end-to-end customer journey, designing brand-defining experiences for a range of consumer-facing products and services. I’m the design practitioner who grounds user-centered design solutions in product, tech, and business strategies. Bring life to product UX/UI and create detailed, pixel-perfect product that forms roadmaps for internal development partnerships.

Here's a look into my toolkit:

• Digital product and user interface design
• Interaction design and user research
• Product strategy
• Brand design and strategy
• Illustration and icon design

Contact me: iamyamanhu@gmail.com